Using CommCards Series - Part 2

Easily share your details

We’re excited about the upcoming launch of CommCards at the end of the month! To let you know what we’re about, we’re posting examples of how the app can help make networking effortless.

In this case, let’s take for example Alex, an entrepreneur presenting at a conference. Alex can use CommCards to share his details with people he meets easily.

Alex is hosting a booth at an eLearning Conference for introducing AR (Augmented Reality) programs in classroom settings. Networking at these types of events is essential. You want to make sure you can effectively hand out your details to expand your network.

This time around Alex decided not to bring any business cards. WHAT?! Alex is using CommCards instead! Alex can effortlessly share his contact information and social media links with the people he meets. Plus, CommCards makes it easy to update Alex’s information at any time, so his card always truly represents him.

Here’s an example of just how easy it is to share his details:

When Alex meets someone he shows them a QR code that they scan with their camera app.

If they prefer, he can also send them a link.

They don’t need the app to view his card, and his information always stays up to date.

With CommCards, you can share your card without any limitations, and people can follow you on your social profiles to keep in touch. All of your information is up-to-date and easily shareable on your phone. You’re more than ready to network hassle-free.

Now you have a sense of how CommCards can help you effectively share your details. Explore more of what CommCards has to offer with next week’s post!

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