Using CommCards Series - Part 1

Make the Right Connections

We’re excited about the upcoming launch of CommCards at the end of the month! To let you know what we’re about, we’re going to post examples of how the app can help make networking effortless.

In this case, let’s take for example Laura, a professional in search of a future collaborator. Laura can use CommCards to help make it easier to find who she wants to connect with nearby.

Laura wants to find a local designer for a new project involving an urban development initiative, but is having a hard time finding someone who best fits the situation. It can be challenging to find the right person to collaborate with if you don’t have any recommendations or if you want to look for someone new to work with, especially locally.

Here’s how she can easily use CommCards in her search:

Laura quickly searches the CommCards network for a designer in her city.

By using the search bar, she can quickly search for job titles, locations, names, or any keywords to narrow in on suggested connections.

Laura doesn't have any of the designers from her search results in her current network, but she views their profiles and hits “connect” to add them. Once they connect with her, she chats with them right away.

It looks like Laura found her collaborator! She quickly connected with a designer who has like-minded interests and started the conversation right away.

CommCards provides valuable matchmaking suggestions so that you can connect with the right people. That means that you don’t have to waste any time on your search. You’re only one-click away from meeting the right person.

Now you have a sense of how CommCards can help you expand your network. Explore more of what CommCards has to offer with next week’s post!

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