Using CommCards Series - Part 3

Stay Up To Date

We’re excited about the upcoming launch of CommCards in less than two weeks! To let you know what we’re about, we’ve been posting examples of how the app can help make networking effortless.

In this case, let’s take for example Sam, a realtor who needs to keep in touch with people in her network. Sam can use CommCards to maintain her business connections easily.

As a realtor and business owner, it’s essential for Sam to keep on top of her network and stay up-to-date with her business partners and people in her industry. Trying to make new connections and maintaining your current network is a lot of work!

Within the CommCards app, Sam sees what people are up to by quickly clicking on their social links displayed on their profile cards.

CommCards even suggests new people for Sam to follow based on similar followers of her current connections.

Once connected with someone, Sam chats with them right from the app so she can quickly and easily stay in touch and keep the conversation going.

Sam uses social prompts within the CommCards chat to help with introductions without any hesitation.

You can now grow and cultivate business connections while having meaningful conversations all within the CommCards app. Who knew it could be so simple?

Now you have a sense of how CommCards can help you stay up-to-date with your connections, which conclude our series posts leading up to launch.

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